How to Prolong the Life of Synthetic Tennis Courts

Are you planning to construct a synthetic grass tennis court on your property? Read on and discover some of the measures that you can take to extend the service life of that court.

Pay Attention to the Base

Some people opt to construct an artificial grass tennis court over an existing asphalt court. Care must be taken to repair any damage on that asphalt base so that those defects don't shorten the life of the synthetic turf that will later be placed onto that asphalt base. For example, any depressions in the asphalt can cause the artificial turf to age unevenly.

Ensure Proper Drainage

It is advisable to make the synthetic grass tennis court to drain in a uniform way. For instance, the court should be constructed so that the drainage is from one end to the other. Any lack of uniformity in the drainage pattern can allow water to collect at some sections of the court. Such water can cause the court to wear out quickly at those spots with standing water.

Watch the Vegetation

Trees are a double-edged sword when it comes to artificial turf tennis courts. First, they provide sufficient shade for the spectators. However, that very shade creates ideal conditions for the rapid growth of mould, algae and fungus. These microbes may compel you to patch the sections of the turf that become stained. Additionally, the microbes are a safety hazard since players can slip and fall on the slick surfaces populated by algae or fungus.

Keep It Clean

All players should be told to clean their shoes prior to getting onto the court. This will prevent them from transferring dirt onto the turf. It is also advisable to restrict the consumption of food and drinks near the court. Such items can stain or damage the synthetic grass. For example, smokers can drop cigarette butts on the turf. Burnt segments have to be patched so that the unsightly damage is fixed. Frequent patching can eventually affect the evenness of the court. Prevention is the best course of action to preserve the tennis court.

The durability of any synthetic grass tennis court starts from the proper selection and installation of the turf. It is therefore essential for you to work closely with the supplier of the turf so that you can receive appropriate advice regarding the health of your turf. Maintenance costs will then reduce since you will be taking a preventive rather than a reactive approach to the maintenance of the court.